About us

Sealine Products AS is a supplier of equipment to the fishing industry. The company’s merchandise is produced at contractors around the world, offering high quality for competitive prices. The products are marketed under the brand-name “Barents.” Sealine Products is well-known for its strong and durable rain wear, thermal suits and fishing gloves. The company also has a knife grinding machine and a knife series for fisherman and for the fishing industry.

Sealine Products AS has distributors along the entire coast of Norway, and increasingly abroad as well. These ensure that Barents products have become well-known and often requested by fishermen. Crab-pots were amongst Sealine Products’ earliest products, and are still important.New pots are continually being developed in cooperation with fishermen. Over time, salmon slaughterhouses and fillet factories have become an important customer group.

These use Sealine Products’ white protective aprons and other aprons, fishing gloves, boots and knives, which are specially designed for their work.

Something for Every Inshore Fisherman

The company’s hooks for pulling fish out of the fish net is particularly well-known amongst net fishermen, together with buoy lights and reflective flags. The jigging fishermen are particularly satisfied with the company’s nylon, which is sensitive and has a very high strength.

Sealine Products’ rubber-handled gutting knives are also popular amongst fishermen, as the knife fits especially well in the hand and glove.Sealine Products’ latest product is a fantastically efficient small electric knife grinding machine.

It has flexible grinding wheels that form themselves to the knife blade and ensure a quick and sharp result, and a long life-span for the knife. It is suitable for all those who are dependent on having sharp knives anytime.

Sealine Products AS aims to be at the cutting edge, continually developing new products. The company also takes on the development of new products for other companies and fishermen.